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To the purpose of society’s literate BRIJ RAJ SINGH DEGREE COLLEGE is situated in Village - Thulma Post - Asepur Saidabad, Handia Allahabad Uttar Pradesh

The literacy percentage in surrounding area comes to be very low with the motive to extend higher education to the rural people as well as in backward Brij Raj Singh Degree College has been established (UP). This is a remote area which lacked the basic facilities of education. Society took the initiative to provide the necessary infrastructure in providing such education. Education is not just teaching alone but has broader meaning which covers a range of experiences from formal Learning to building of understanding and knowledge through day to day experiences. Brij Raj Singh Degree College has been established with such an aim for providing education in the field of Education.

This college dedicated to providing quality education to the peoples. Run by the Shri Basant Lal Singh (Babu Ji) This college boasts of finest courses and best standards and has earned a reputation for itself. Under the able management of Shri Basant Lal Singh (Babu Ji) This college has seen chumed out some very fine students who have made a mark for themselves in the society. Through this web site we have made an attempt to present before you some of the features that one can expect from a good institution. Please feel free to get in touch with us incase of any query.


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